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This page contains information about content that was previously in the game but got removed.

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Daily Daisies is one of the events in Blossom Blast Saga.


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To collect daisies, the player can play any levels on the map. Even if they pass or fail a level, event still counts as 1 daisy.

Event gives you a certain number of daisies you need to collect. After collecting all of them, they will earn reward: 1 shovel, 1 watering can or 1 color pallete.

However, event only has 22 hours for you to collect daisies. The countdown will start after the player collected 1 daisy. And after running out of time, all daisies will be emptied and you will have to recollect from scratch.


  • This event was released on November 11 2018 on mobile.
  • This event was removed on June 28 2020.


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