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Flower level is one of the level types in Blossom Blast Saga. They first appear in Episode 6, with first level being level 101.

Flower levels make up 17.73% of all levels, with 227 total appearances out of the 1280 levels.


To pass this level type, the player has to blast the flowers one by one follow the count on the level.

The player also needs to notice to flower count. Before starting to bloom flowers, see on count what flowers you need to pick. For example, the count required 4 red flowers, next is 3 yellow flowers and other ones, the player has to bloom flowers so that number of flowers on count can be picked to avoid from picking wrong flowers in the next counts.


Flowers usually easier than other levels. But in the high levels, it may requires the player to pick more and more flowers, more harder if there are small flowers, more flowers to pick, more blockers and fewer moves.