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Flowers are main elements in Blossom Blast Saga. There are four different types: water lilies, roses, sunflowers, and crocuses. Each flower, regardless of type, has nine stages of growth.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Link flowers to the 10th level will make a normal bloom. Link flowers to the 37th level will make a super bloom.
  • Flowers which is at 9th level have sparkles.
  • Although there are 9 growth stages of flowers, they only have 3 shape types: stage 1-2-3 belong to flower 1-2-3, stage 4-5-6 belong to flower 4-5-6, stage 7-8-9 belong to flower 7-8-9.
  • After completing a stage, if any flowers in the seventh growth stage remain, their pollen will still be visible after the game board disappears.
  • These are also essential to the completion of flower levels.
  • On August 4 2019, the player can skip flower bloom by choosing "Tap to skip" (only on mobile). But after 4 months, it was removed.
  • After the release of episode 82, when you reaches 37th flower stage, it will shake instead of being inanimated.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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