Honeyed Calendar icon.png

Honeyed Calendar is one of the events in Blossom Blast Saga that is only available on mobile devices.


Return 7 days in a row for awesome rewards!

Everyday, the player just enters the game and get reward. However, if you miss a day, you have to restart from scratch.


Note: The prize will be reduplicated exactly the one in the previous days.
Day 1  Shovel icon new.png: 1
Day 2  Watering Can icon new.png: 1
Day 3  Color Palette icon new.png: 1
Day 4  Heart unlimited icon new.png: 10m Watering Can icon new.png: 1
Day 5  Shovel icon new.png: 1 Color Palette icon new.png: 1
Day 6  Heart unlimited icon new.png: 10m Shovel icon new.png: 1
Day 7  Heart unlimited icon new.png: 20m Watering Can icon new.png: 1 Color Palette icon new.png: 1


  • This event was released on November 3 2020 on mobile.
  • This event can still work without an Internet connection. However, you need to connect to the Internet to make it active again.
  • This is the improved version from the old event Daily Bonus that was removed a long time ago.
  • In some specific special day, your reward will be doubled.


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