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Miracle Plant is one of the events in Blossom Blast Saga that is only available on mobile devices.


The player must beat specific number of levels to get a water drop, and then bloom flowers. Only current level is counted.

At the first time, you just need to beat 1 levels to get a water drop. At the second time, you need to beat 2 levels. At the third time, you need to beat 4 levels in twice. At the fourth time, you need to beat 5 levels. At the fifth time, you need to beat 6 levels. At the sixth and last time, you need to beat 7 levels in four times.

After making all flowers bloom, you will have time to use all your bonuses you have got before the event is over.


There are 6 types or reward you can get after blooming a flower.

Type Info Number of Appearance time
Point Collect more points in all levels 2
Refill live Lives refill faster 3
Extra live +1 extra life 2
Move +1 extra move in all levels 1
Extra day +1 extra day for the Miracle Plant event 1
Booster The first booster used in a level is free 1

The more you make flowers bloom, the more bonuses you accumulate during this event.


  • This event was released on May 20, 2021 on mobile devices.
  • This event can work without Internet connection.
  • Total level you need to beat to make a full bloom is 50.
  • All bonuses only work during this event. When this event ends, every element of this game will be back to normal.
  • This event stopped working on July 26 2021. It came back on January 27 2022 and stopped working on April 20 2022.