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Water Bucket is one of the blockers in Blossom Blast Saga. It is first introduced in Episode 44, with first being level 861.


  • There are 3 layers of the water bucket.
  • When flowers bloom or a big flower blooms, the water bucket will release 4 water drops and trigger flowers on their way. If there are leaf piles, water drops will push them.
  • It also reduces one layer of other blockers on the garden. However, if the way of water drops contains buds or weeds, it will reset layers of weed and bud count will increase 9 times (6 times with one-layered water bucket).
  • The blockers which are resistant to water are: Pot  Glass  Mushroom  Rolling stone  Vase and itself Water Bucket.
  • If there is a bee on the garden while the water is released in its pathway, bee will be startled and fly to another flower or fly out.


  • In case of level 937 and level 940, the one-layered water bucket (Water Bucket) will only grow weeds to the second layer.